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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy are both talking therapies that help people to adapt to stress and adversity in their daily lives.


Counselling is a therapy that helps to support the development of an individual’s ability to adapt to stress and adversity. It can help to reduce and overcome anxiety, depression and negative thoughts to give more clarity and freedom to think through problems and come to solutions. Counselling focuses on supporting our existing strengths and then using these to develop new strategies to find solutions to problems.
Counselling gives you a regular place and time for you to talk over and explore worries and anxieties in a safe environment, where you will be listened to and understood without judgement by someone who cares. Counselling is not to tell you what to do, but to help you to see more clearly your issues and your feelings to help you to decide on a path that is right for you.
Counselling can help with a wide range of needs from anxiety and depression to relationship and bereavement difficulties.

Counselling and Psychotherapy. Psychologist


Psychotherapy is also used to help people make changes in their daily lives that are both deep and long lasting but does so by looking at both our current situation and at the same time exploring any past circumstances that may be connected with it. Working together we can help to identify patterns that can take over our life even though we don’t want them to and don’t even realise that they are. This understanding helps individuals to make changes to these patterns and in the process helps to rediscover parts of themselves that have become lost or forgotten. They assist in developing new personal qualities and strengths to build a more fulfilled and more satisfying life.

Counselling and Psychotherapy. Psychology

Is Therapy For You

Counselling and Psychotherapy could be of help to anyone who is experiencing emotional difficulties in their lives. Some people can be overwhelmed by their feelings while others may suffer a lack of emotion. Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you with this and also with feelings of loneliness or isolation. Some people come to therapy because of some crisis in their lives such as relationship issues, bereavement, redundancy etc., others because they simply don’t know where to turn to or feel they can’t discuss their problems with their partner or family members. I can help you to come to an understanding of your life and the links that exist between what your are thinking, your emotions and your actions. A heightened awareness of yourself will help you in developing a satisfying, happier and rewarding life.

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